Aaron Reis Horseshoeing

White Line Disease: This case came to me with WLD on the left hind. It traveled high into the hoof and required a large resection of the outer hoof capsule. It has been an 8 month process and still continues. Originally I placed a bar shoe with some slight modifications made to give complete support to the hoof. As the hoof grew it was necessary to keep removing some of the capsule because the fungus was able to move further up the white line. Once we were sure that we had successfully eradicated the fungus, the wall was allowed to grow down at which time I applied a hoof builder which allowed me to apply a regular hind shoe. I will post more pictures as this case progresses.
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Neglected horse trim: This horse presented with extremely neglected feet . I removed as much hoof as I could at the same time making sure to keep all the proper angles. It is not advisable to fix these types of issues slowly, it is better to tackle it all at once. The longer the angles are out of alignment the more damage can occur. I was not able to trim the cracks out of the toe so I made sure to alleviate further pressure on the cracks by rolling the toe. Also take note of the bruising from the hoof wall being pried back and forth as he walked on the flares. He walked off sound and much happier.
Foal Extensions : 4 month old foal walking on hind fetlocks. After one trim he was back up on his feet but as a result of him walking on the fetlocks for so long it created an under run lateral heel. This caused him to walk on the lateral back side of the hoof which was not allowing for a proper gait, he walked like a "Penguin" with his hind. I applied foal extensions to lateral hind feet which straightened out his feet thus forcing him to walk up right. After 5 weeks in the extensions and removal at 6 weeks he seems to be walking straight.
Off The Track: This horse came straight from the track with his race plates still on. If you look closely you will notice that you cannot see the shoe from the top. When looking at the before picture of the bottom the wall is growing over the shoe, obviously too small. The shoe caused some solar bruising . I trimmed the foot and applied shoes, one being an 0 and one a double 0. One foot was "clubby" and one was long toe under run heel, a typical issue with OTTB. I fit the shoe wider at the heel and pulled it back to allow for expansion of the heel on the under run heel.
Hard at Work
Miscellaneous Gaited Arab Shoeing
Quarter Crack: This horse came to me really out of balance. The foot had a reverse "C" and it was causing a lameness. The horse also had a very bad sheered heel.   I proceeded to remove all the excess foot and bring the horse into balance. I made the shoe full to the inside giving support to the coronary band. The foot being in balance caused the wall to want to grow down straight to the ground. The wall cracked and started to grow down.  I floated the area and placed a spider plate on the foot. In some of the pictures you will see orange play do and acrylic, I needed the acrylic on the foot for driving nails as the wall was not wide enough at nail hole 2.  The foot took approximately 5-6 shoeings to grow out completely. The horse was never lame and now the foot looks like a "normal" foot . (The pictures start from the bottom and the final results are the top)