Aaron Reis Horseshoeing
Clean Out The Hooves
Remove dirt, rocks, grass, manure, and more with a hoof pick.  Clean each hoof daily, especially before and after all trail rides, pasture work, or turnout. This allows you to remove any caught debris before it damages or injures the hoof. While you pick, also check for signs of thrush, puncture wounds, cracks, and abscesses.
Inspect For Sprung Shoes
Check for sprung (pulled away or bent) or shifted (moved to the side) horseshoes. Horse with sprung shoes are susceptible to injury from the metal shoe itself or its clinches or nails. Contact your Farrier as soon as you notice a shoe is sprung or shifted.
Hoof Supplement
Add a hoof supplement to your horse's diet. Most contain vitamins and minerals, such as biotin and zinc, respectively, to help maintain and encourage the growth of proteins and keratin that comprise your horse's hooves.
Encourage Movement
Activity helps promote hoof growth, strength, and health. Place water on the opposite side of the horses stall from his food, this will make him walk which encourages blood flow to the foot thus creating healthy growth. Make sure your horse gets plenty of exercise