Aaron Reis Horseshoeing

Balanced trim taking care to leave enough sole and wall for protection.
Half Shoeing
Half shoeing for the horse that needs more protection on the front but is able to stay barefoot on the hind. Includes trim of the hind
Full Shoeing
Full shoeing for the horse includes shoes on all 4 feet. We carry shoes for any discipline
Specialty Shoeing
Dressage and Therapeutic.  
Therapeutic Shoeing
Therapeutic shoeing for any lameness such as under run heels, Navicular Disease, Laminitis, White Line Disease, Founder and more
Other shoeing options
We carry a wide variety of pads, shoes and hoof packing to assure the proper fit for your horse
We set up our clients on schedules to keep your horses feet in good condition. We keep a 6 week schedule unless an injury or some other circumstance calls for a different schedule.